Can Dental Implants Last Forever?

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Close up of a dental implant in a woman's smileDental implants are considered one of the most durable, lasting ways to replace missing teeth. While permanence cannot be guaranteed, you can generally expect dental implants to last a long time, with the potential to last a lifetime. They don't need to be replaced unless a problem occurs and the implant loosens or dislodges. Implants would need to be removed and/or replaced if an infection occurred or some other complication arose. You can take steps to prevent these complications, which we outline below.

How You Can Help Extend the Life of Dental Implants

Dental implant longevity depends in part upon:

  • Dental hygiene
  • Good dental habits (avoiding things that can break your teeth and implants, like chewing on ice cubes)
  • Ensuring proper candidacy before placement

Before implants can be recommended, Dr. Preet Sandhu will make sure the bone beneath the gums is healthy and dense enough to support them. First and foremost, determining your candidacy is directly related to how long the dental implants last. Poor candidates are more likely to experience problems and to have unsuccessful implants. Dr. Sandhu has many years of experience and will provide you with clear, straightforward explanations of your restorative options.

Sometimes you simply can't avoid an implant failure. Certain health conditions, injuries or other issues may necessitate a replacement. But good dental hygiene and seeking out an experienced implant dentist goes a long way to promoting longevity of these restorations.

After placement of the implants, Dr. Sandhu continues to monitor them at your routine checkups. She will check their success and look for signs of any potential issues. Be sure to call our office if you have any questions or concerns about the dental implants. Dr. Sandhu is personally committed to helping her patients enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles.

Dental Implant Maintenance and Care

Couple smiling outdoors after getting dental implantsGood dental hygiene promotes healthy teeth and dental implants that last. Although the implant and tooth restorations themselves cannot decay or get infected, all of the surrounding gum tissue certainly can. The basics of hygiene include:

  • Brush your teeth 2-3 times per day
  • Floss once every day
  • Visit the dentist for your routine cleanings and checkups

You should also avoid habits that can crack or break a tooth, or the implants and restorations. Examples include chewing on the tips of pens and using your teeth to tear open packages. Additionally, you should wear a mouth guard if you play contact sports.

Proper dental hygiene ensures the gums, bone and ligaments supporting the dental implant are kept healthy. If these tissues become inflamed, they won't be able to hold the implant as the infection progresses. Fortunately, you can keep these tissues healthy with brushing, flossing and eating healthy foods.

Restore Your Smile and Dental Health

If you are missing one or more teeth and want to restore your smile, please contact the practice of experienced dentist Dr. Preet Sandhu at 815-893-6345. Dr. Sandhu will determine whether you are a good candidate for implant dentistry, and she'll let you know about any other options you can consider as well, such as dentures and dental bridges.