Get a Glamorous Hollywood Smile with Porcelain Veneers

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Close up of a glamorous smile after porcelain veneersIt's interesting – above all other qualities, celebrities seem to have one thing in common: gorgeous smiles! Being born with a perfectly glamorous smile is not the norm. Instead, cosmetic dental treatments provide the finishing touch to take a smile all the way to extraordinary. While maybe not all celebrities have porcelain veneers, we think a lot of them do!

Beautiful smiles need not be confined to the celebrity realm. While teeth whitening and restorations like dental crowns can go a long way in rebuilding your smile, you may also want to consider porcelain veneers. These versatile, tooth-shaped porcelain pieces have the capacity to completely make over your smile by changing the size, shape, color and overall appearance of the teeth.

Some of the Most Special Features of Porcelain Veneers

It's no secret: Anyone can have the smile of their dreams with porcelain veneers. Consider the following features:

  • Lasting. Your veneers could last for decades without needing replacement. Veneers are durable but not impervious to chips and fractures. Take the same protective measures you do with your teeth – don't chew on ice cubes or pen tips. Wear a sports guard if you play contact sports. Ask Dr. Sandhu about a mouth guard if you grind your teeth at night.
  • Resist stains, but also cannot be whitened. Veneers are made in a variety of shades of white so that you can have the smile you want. They cannot be whitened with teeth whitening, however, so it's important to think about the shade you want beforehand. If the teeth that will not be receiving veneers are a little dingy, you may want to opt for a whitening treatment and then have veneers matched to that refreshed shade.
  • Versatile. Veneers address multiple problems at once. Celebrity or otherwise, a person can easily make over their smile over the course of a few office appointments. The veneer is placed over the front surface of teeth, concealing any flaws beneath. Two veneers placed side-by-side conceal unsightly gaps between teeth. This is one of the great things about veneers: instead of addressing one problem at a time, they make over the entire smile.

Of course, they aren't necessarily right for everyone, and Dr. Preet Sandhu will help you decide if veneers will make you happy with your smile. Just about anyone who wants to get veneers, is a good candidate for them.

Find Out if the Cost, Procedure and Results Meet Your Expectations

Woman laughing loudly with her head leaned back after getting porcelain veneersRegardless of what porcelain veneers can achieve, the ultimate question is whether they fit your goals for your smile. Dr. Sandhu and our team want to match you with the right treatments. Consider the following as you decide where veneers fall in relation to your expectations:

  • Financing is available. Our front office staff will provide you with the pricing levels for the options available to you. Once you've had a chance to review those quotes, let us know if you are interested in financing. We accept CareCredit plans, which make it possible for you to pay for your veneers in monthly installments, assuming your application is approved with by CareCredit.
  • Procedures are minimally invasive and results are obtained relatively quickly. After prepping the teeth and sending the veneer design out to the manufacturer, you'll come back for an easy appointment in which the veneers are placed.
  • Results are tailored to you. Dr. Sandhu considers your personality, facial shape and facial expressiveness when recommending veneer shape, shade, size and overall style.

Ready To Rejuvenate Your Smile?

Located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, our dentistry practice is dedicated to creating beautiful, healthy smiles. Dr. Preet Sandhu is passionate about the results she provides. People visit us from across the region – including Algonquin and Lake in the Hills – to enhance their smiles with porcelain veneers. To arrange a consultation to learn more, please call our practice at 815-893-6345.