Is Invisalign® Without Buttons Possible?

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Invisalign retainers at our Crystal Lake office Invisalign® attachments, which some people call "buttons," are small, tooth-colored mounds of composite resin (the same material as dental fillings). They are placed on certain teeth to aid in the treatment process. The number of attachments depends on the individual case.

These buttons look like little tooth-colored bumps, or rounded ridges, on the center of the tooth. They are often critical to the success and effectiveness of Invisalign® treatment. They work like an anchor for the clear Invisalign® trays. Attachments go on teeth that need additional torque or force, providing grip for the aligner. Without the attachment, the aligner may slip or otherwise not move the tooth effectively.

Each case is different, and you may or may not need attachments as part of your Invisalign® treatment. We encourage you to ask Dr. Sandhu during your initial consultation. Even with these little buttons of resin, Invisalign® treatment offers a low-profile, nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth.

Interested in finding out if you are a good candidate for Invisalign®? Dr. Preet Sandhu is personally committed to finding the treatments that will work best for you. You deserve to feel great about your smile! To arrange your consultation in Crystal Lake, IL, please call our staff at 815-893-6345.