Three Common General Dentistry Problems and Their Treatments

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Crystal Lake resident getting general dental careMany of our Crystal Lake-area patients come to us for preventative needs – general check-ups and examinations, for example. This is a great idea. However, there are also patients who come to us for very specific problems that have very specific solutions.

The good news is that general dentistry has the tools to solve these problems. We offer a number of treatments that address these concerns, with the goal of improving the overall health of your teeth and gums and the quality of your smile.

Obviously, there are a lot of possible dental problems. But here are three common issues and how we may treat them, depending on the circumstances.

Periodontal Disease

This is “the big one.” Periodontal disease – gum disease – is one of the most common oral health ailments in the country. And, in fact, preventing gum disease is one of the most important goals of a modern dental practice.

Gum disease is a general term for the infection and degradation of your gum tissue. When plaque and bacteria are allowed to remain in your mouth, they may infect the soft tissue of your gums, leading to soreness, bleeding and, in advanced stages, the potential for lost teeth and other serious oral health problems.

The best treatment for gum disease is prevention – brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing on a daily basis and seeing our general dentist at least twice a year for check-ups. But periodontal treatment is available if you do suffer from gum disease. This involves a thorough cleansing of the teeth and gums and potentially more serious interventions if your gum disease is more advanced.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is another serious and common issue in and around Crystal Lake. Plaque is constantly forming on your teeth, and this is exacerbated by our consumption of food and drink.

If you don't do a thorough enough job of cleaning your teeth after meals, this layer of plaque will grow thicker, and the bacteria within it will begin to form acids. These acids attack your teeth and the enamel that protects them.

Eventually, the acids will wear away the enamel and attack the soft tissue within your teeth. This is a painful and unpleasant experience that also endangers your oral health.

Again, there is a solution: root canal therapy. The root canal treatment has a bad reputation, but the procedure is really quite advanced, safe and not painful these days. It simply involves clearing out the infected tissue within your teeth, then sealing the area to prevent more decay.

Lost Teeth

We tend to think of missing teeth as a cosmetic problem, and there's no doubt that a lost tooth can mar a beautiful smile. But missing teeth actually pose a danger to your overall oral health.

When you lose a tooth, it compromises the structural integrity of your mouth, and can make it likelier that you'll lose more teeth in the future. A missing tooth can also make it more difficult to speak and eat.

There are a lot of options for replacing missing teeth. The most comprehensive solution is dental implants. This procedure involves the placement of a titanium implant within your jaw, providing an artificial replacement tooth with a strong support.

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