VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

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Family dental technology in Crystal LakeIf you're a parent, you're probably really good at reminding your children to take care of their teeth and gums. But are you caring for your own oral health as well? Your routine dental appointments are important to the health of your teeth, but they are also a critical way for the dentist to look for early signs of disease.

As a dentist committed to providing her patients with outstanding care, Dr. Preet Sandhu is proud to have incorporated the VELscope device into the practice's technology. This state-of-the-art device uses fluorescent light to expose the early signs of oral cancer. The exam is fast and painless. To the patient, it simply seems  like Dr. Sandhu is using a small flashlight and shining it in your mouth. But the light is so much more. It is an advanced blue light that will show cancerous tissue as darker than the healthy, normal tissue.

If the VELscope exposes cancerous tissue, Dr. Sandhu then uses traditional examination and diagnosis to confirm the finding. It takes about two minutes for her to complete the VELscope screening as part of your routine visits.

Oral cancer is common. It kills at the rate of about one person per hour. Almost 50,000 people in the US are newly diagnosed each year. It is estimated to cause about 9,750 deaths this year. Unfortunately, the survival rate for many types of advanced oral cancers is not high, but catching the disease early provides a significant advantage.

Your general dentist is really the frontline in detecting the early signs of oral cancer. Dentists have tried-and-true methods of looking for the signs of cancer visually, but the VELscope provides another tool to use in the screening process.

If you are concerned about oral cancer, have questions about oral cancer or want to schedule an oral cancer screening as part of a routine exam, please call Crystal Family Dental Care at 815-893-6345. With a comfortable, friendly dental office located in Crystal Lake, we proudly provide care for people from across the surrounding areas of Illinois, including Cary and McHenry.