Dental Checkups: Why They Are So Important

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Dental hygienist updating chartRoutine dental checkups are vitally important. These exams and cleanings help dentists in their mission to prevent, diagnose and treat dental problems. If you are searching for an experienced, skilled, caring, friendly dentist to provide your routine checkups and all of your other needed services in Crystal Lake, please call the practice of Dr. Preet Sandhu at 815-893-6345.


The preventive aspects of the checkup are twofold: The hygienist cleans your teeth to prevent tooth decay, and the dentist looks for early signs of problems and evaluates your dental health status.

When you visit Dr. Sandhu for your checkup, one of the things she does is look for the early signs of dental problems. She'll also discuss with you your dental and health history, and ask you about any concerns or problems you have noticed. You'll revisit these issues with Dr. Sandhu at each checkup, so that we can establish a baseline for your dental health. In this way, Dr. Sandhu will be able to judge any changes in your dental health.

Dr. Sandhu will also perform an examination for signs of any existing problems, including:

The sooner you visit Dr. Sandhu, the better. Even if you are overdue for a dental checkup, Dr. Sandhu can spot the signs of dental problems and treat them at the stage they are at now.


Patient at a dental screening Crystal Lake ILDiagnosis of dental problems is the first step in getting the treatment you need. Once Dr. Sandhu looks at your teeth and mouth, and diagnoses the cause and source of your problems, only then can she move on to explaining your treatment options.

Diagnosis is a critical step. If you've been experiencing some sort of dental discomfort for some time and feel your problem is too advanced to be treatable, you should really reconsider. Dr. Sandhu can diagnose any stage of your dental problem and help you get back on track.


Dental treatment is another reason your routine checkups are so important. After diagnosing the problem, Dr. Sandhu will describe all of your options for treating it. Don't wait until your discomfort is unbearable. Schedule routine checkups so that you can take care of smaller issues before they become big problems. One example is tooth decay. Tooth decay doesn't usually cause any symptoms until it is so advanced that root canal therapy may be necessary. When you visit the dentist regularly, she will screen for tooth decay early on, when it does not cause symptoms.

Your Routine Checkup in Crystal Lake

Are you due for a routine cleaning and checkup? Call Crystal Family Dental Care, at 815-893-6345, to arrange a consultation with experienced family dentist Dr. Preet Sandhu. Your best dental health is our goal. Dr. Sandhu, along with her talented team, will make sure you get the effective preventive care you need in order to enjoy a healthy, attractive smile. Our practice is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois.