Why You Should Use Your Dental Benefits before 2018

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Dental goals for 20172017 is quickly drawing to a close and the New Year is on the horizon. Have you taken full advantage of your dental benefits? According to the American Dental Association, only 2.8 percent of people with a PPO dental plan reach or exceed the annual maximum allowed by those plans. To schedule the next available appointment with Dr. Preet Sandhu, please call our friendly Crystal Lake team at 815-893-6345.

Need Dental Care Before 2018?

Depending on the circumstances, our office may be able to arrange your appointment before the end of the year. Please call us to find out. It will depend on the current schedule and the care you require.

Your dental health plan and/or FSA account provides coverage for certain treatments, services and procedures. In general, services considered to be more than purely cosmetic in nature are typically covered, such as:

If you know that you need a certain dental service and have been putting it off, now is the time to call us! You may be able to fully utilize your health benefits if treatment can be completed before the end of the year.

Dental Health Insurance Plans

Calendar year goals in IllinoisDo you have a dental PPO or another type of insurance policy? If so, you may have unused benefits that expire on December 31. If your policy is provided through your employer, your HR department can help you determine what is available, whether you have met your maximum and when your policy expires. Not all policies expire at the end of the year – your plan may be on a different 12-month financial year.

You pay the premiums for your insurance, so make sure you get what you paid for! Every policy has a deductible. Once you meet the deductible, the insurance company must pay the full amount of any services covered under your plan. You may want to check to see if you have met your deductible. Your policy will also have an annual maximum. If you've already used your policy up to the maximum limit, it makes sense to wait until your policy renews. Dental cleanings and exams are often 100% covered (of course depending on your plan), so be sure to take advantage of your routine cleanings and checkups.

Flexible Spending Accounts

FSAs are often called "use it or lost it" accounts. They are set up through your employer, and you contribute a certain amount of your pre-tax earnings. The money is available to you to spend on predetermined healthcare costs, as outlined by your specific plan. Ask your employer if you aren't sure what things you can spend your FSA savings on. Many types of dental care are generally eligible, although purely cosmetic treatments – like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers – may not be eligible.

If you have unused money in your FSA account, dental care may be a great way to spend it before the year is over. Most FSAs will expire on December 31, and any remaining money may not roll over to 2018. Check with your employer or the manager of the FSA to find out if there is a grace period or if any amount carries over.

Planning Ahead for 2018

Since less than a month and a half remains in the year, it is possible you won't be able to arrange all your dental care before the year is out. But it's not too early to plan for 2018. If your policy or FSA renews on January 1, start planning now for how you will use those benefits within 2018. Dr. Sandhu and our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan accomplishing all of your goals and addressing all oral health needs.

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