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Cosmetic dental patients in Crystal Lake, ILWhen you entrust your teeth, gum and jaw health to Dr. Preetinder (“Preet”) Sandhu at Crystal Family Dental Care in Crystal Lake, Illinois, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that your dentist has the training, insight and compassion to help you achieve and maintain the best smile of your life.

For a thorough, thoughtful evaluation of your smile, please contact Crystal Family Dental Care online or by telephone to schedule your appointment with Dr. Sandhu: 815-893-6345. We also serve the communities in and around Algonquin and Lake in the Hills, Illinois.

Rejuvenate and Restore Your Smile

Dr. Sandhu’s dental education and advanced training mean she is able to quickly diagnose your oral health problems and provide lasting solutions. Dr. Sandhu’s approach to smile care will produce gorgeous, natural-looking results and provide health and wellness benefits that go beyond aesthetic.

Why invest time and money in correcting and maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile? The following statistics from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry illustrate just how important a person’s smile is to their overall quality-of-life:

  • Roughly half of all Americans believe that a person's smile is their most attractive, memorable feature.
  • About 40 percent of Americans say that a damaged smile makes a person less appealing.
  • Smiling relieves anxiety and boosts endorphins.
  • People with bright, healthy smiles find greater success in romance as well their careers.

Dr. Sandhu understands that with a damaged smile come feelings of anxiety and insecurity. When you add the pain caused by damaged teeth, or the total-body discomfort that results from bite issues or TMJ/TMD problems, it is immediately apparent that good oral health is pivotal to a person’s overall health and wellness.

Our Crystal Lake cosmetic dentist uses a variety of advanced dental technology treatments and technology to help diagnose and resolve your dental health challenges. After a thorough evaluation, she might recommend:

Common Cosmetic Dental Problems

Woman after cosmetic dentistry in Algonquin ILDr. Sandhu offers comprehensive dentistry treatments to accomplish your goals. Some of the most common cosmetic concerns include:

  • Yellow and discolored teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Uneven gum line

When you visit us for your consultation, Dr. Sandhu will first want to discuss with you what things you would like to change about your smile. Point out those areas you would like to see improve. Let us know what the ideal smile looks like to you. Then Dr. Sandhu will examine your teeth, gums and entire mouth. Once she has all this information, she will make customized treatment recommendations. You will hear about all of the possible options, and Dr. Sandhu can help you choose those options that are the best match for your goals and expectations.

At Crystal Lake Family Dental Care, Dr. Sandhu wants each of her patients to enjoy a smile that is not only gorgeous, but strong and healthy as well. We believe a beautiful smile is not only attractive on the surface, but supported by healthy bone, gums and tooth structure. To that end, Dr. Sandhu recommends treatment plans that accomplish both oral health and smile aesthetics.

Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

There are many cosmetic dentists in the Crystal Lake/Lake in the Hills/Algonquin area. Here are some tips for choosing the right one for you:

  • How much experience does the dentist have? A dentist who focuses on cosmetic and restorative dentistry will perform these types of treatments routinely. Dr. Sandhu received her Bachelor in Dental Science in 2002, and her Advanced Education in General Dentistry degree in 2011. For years she has been providing cosmetic dental treatments to people in the Crystal Lake area.
  • Do you feel comfortable around the dentist? When you meet the cosmetic dentist, do you generally like talking to them and feel like they have your best interests at heart? Dr. Sandhu is passionate about providing dental care and beautiful smiles to her patients. Our comfortable, elegant practice and experienced, friendly staff will help you feel right at home. In order to give you an opportunity to meet Dr. Sandhu and the team, we offer expert consultations at our office. We also hope you'll check out our reviews.
  • Does the cosmetic dentist hold any relevant memberships or associations? Membership to relevant and renowned cosmetic dental groups lets you know that the dentist wants to stay informed of the latest industry advancements and chooses to invest in such knowledge. Dr. Sandhu is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association and several other organizations.
  • Are before-and-after images available? A gallery of past patient results helps you get an idea of what the cosmetic dentist can achieve. They can also provide good talking points for what you want your own smile to look like. Dr. Sandhu is happy to show you her patient gallery.

We look forward to meeting you during your consultation. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have right now. Just give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page.

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When you want a Crystal Lake cosmetic dentist whose practice is located in a modern, comfortable office, please contact Crystal Family Dental Care online or by telephone to schedule a consultation with our Illinois dentist: 815-893-6345.