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Chipped, discolored, missing or poorly restored teeth can cause you to appear older than you are, rob you of self-confidence, and damage your ability to properly eat or speak. The problems surrounding these dental health issues go beyond looks. They also can accelerate the development of gum disease, which can lead to even more damaging teeth and gum conditions, not to mention the systemic health risks associated with bacteria and infection in your body.

At Crystal Family Dental Care in Crystal Lake, Illinois, Dr. Preet Sandhu can effectively address these dental health problems with porcelain crowns and bridges. To find out more about your candidacy for these cosmetic dentistry treatments, please call 815-893-6345 to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

Healthy and Natural Looking

Unlike dentures, which are removable, crowns and bridges are fixed pieces that remain in your mouth. But before a crown can be placed or bridge work can be completed by your dentist, patients often require some reshaping of their natural teeth.

This will call for the removal of some of your tooth enamel.

Often a last option for saving a natural tooth and root, porcelain crowns far exceed crowns made with other materials. Your dentist can insure they are crafted with artistry and placed with precision. When we place a crown, we talk with the patient about how it may be the last, best option for saving their natural tooth structure.

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More About Porcelain Crowns

A crown is a reproduction of your tooth that's fitted on top of your natural root. The dentist and dental ceramicist use an impression of your teeth to create a crown just for you that looks exactly like your natural teeth.

In the past, many crowns were made from metal, which looked less natural than porcelain and may also have been linked to other health concerns such as metal toxicity. Today’s porcelain crowns perfectly imitate your own teeth and produce healthy, great-looking results.

When Do You Need a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge contains one or more prosthetic teeth to substitute for those that are missing from your natural smile. Our dentist will fix this custom bridgework to abutment teeth, which are prepared like crowned teeth. Although there are removable bridges, we usually recommend fixed bridges because they are considered your most durable option.

Bridges keep teeth from moving in the future. This, in turn, will improve your bite, not to mention the beauty of your smile.

When you need a general and cosmetic dentist in Crystal Lake, Algonquin and Lake in the Hills, Illinois who places custom-made porcelain crowns and bridges, please contact Crystal Family Dental Care online or by telephone to schedule your next visit with Dr. Sandhu. You can reach our general and family dentist online or by calling 815-893-6345.